UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE FACT SHEET PMUD Planned Mixed Use Development The Planned Mixed-Use District (PMUD) is intended to provide such flexibility and performance criteria which produce: 1. A maximum choice in the type of environment for working and living available to the public; 2. Open space and recreation areas; 3. A pattern of development which preserves trees, outstanding natural topography and geologic features, and prevents soil erosion; 4. A creative approach to the use of land and related physical development; 5. An efficient use of land resulting in smaller networks of utilities and streets, thereby lowering development costs; 6. An environment of stable character in harmony with surrounding development; and 7. A more desirable environment than would be possible through strict application of other sections or districts in this UDO. The purpose of this district is to permit areas which encourage mixing of land uses such as retail/commercial, office, parks, multi-family, and attached single-family. These uses are developed together in a manner that allows interaction between the uses and that allows each use to support the other uses. Within any P-MUD, residential and non-residential land uses shall each constitute at least 20 percent of the overall land uses within the mixed-use development. The remaining 60 percent may be any combination of residential or non-residential land uses. The residential uses provide the patrons for the office and commercial uses. The success of these mixed-use areas is directly related to the sensitive master planning of the site layout. The P-MUD is appropriate in areas where the land use plan reflects mixed use as a land use category. A P-MUD may be used to permit new or innovative concepts in land utilization not permitted by other zoning districts. While greater flexibility is given to allow special conditions or restrictions that would not otherwise allow the development to occur, procedures are established to insure against misuse of increased flexibility. A concept plan is required to be submitted with a P-MUD rezoning application. Permitted Uses: • Boarding & Rooming House • Extended Care Facility / Convalescent / Nursing Home • Dormitory • Duplex • Multi-Family • Single-Family Detached • Townhouse • Extended Care Facility / Convalescent / Nursing Home • Educational Facility, Indoor Instruction • Educational Facility, Outdoor Instruction • Educational Facility, Primary & Secondary